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Unlock Split

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It was quite simple to resist irresistible and act like there is nothing among us.
I could look perfectly cold in front of you but now the colour of your voice overheated me inside.

I might escape inescapable, but maybe I don’t want it this time.
Your touch overheated me inside.
We may silently walk away from here and continue to dance in the shadow, under the midnight sky.

I was able to avoid this kind of collide, but it seems I shall not this time.
Your breath overheated me inside.

It was near impossible to put my shield down so fast and let someone to cover me with the waves of wicked desire in the way you dared, under the midnight sky.

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The heart of the storm

I can’t explain why I feel what I feel when you’re next to me.
I can’t explain why I’m smiling while I’m buying return ticket.

I don’t know where the world is going and what will the future bring.
Now all I want is kissing you slowly like this day has no end, until we hit the heart of the storm.

I don’t know where the world is going and what will the future bring, but if the fire between us is warm enough we’ll keep this seed alive.

I can’t explain why I feel what I feel when you’re next to me, but if our passion is deep enough we’ll keep this song alive.

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Unlock Vienna

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Our love is more than art (Audio)

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Zagreb earthquake

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Somehow I skip coffee before a travel.
Somehow I forget to turn on my phone.
Somehow I skip looking at the clock, but for you I’m still unlocked like I was before this mess around.

Dear, I’m not pretending that I’m blind, I know time flies, but we can be ahead if we won’t be looking back.
There are so many cities which soon will be locked.
Some stories will stay untold.
Some things will stay undone, but as long as we have the will to stay unlocked inside we won’t lose a way to each other.

I know time’s up, some stories will stay unwritten, but this is not the reason to give up.
Time’s up, but I have to believe we won’t be late.
Maybe we’ll come where we want to be in the right moment.
Time’s up, but as long as we have will to stay unlocked inside we won’t lose each other in this mess around.

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About National Security & Personal Integrity

FBI says that for them „priority is to protect people, especially vulnerable people“.
That’s their view on national security.

On the other side, so many people cannot understand that. They believe every person must sacrifice personal integrity for the good of nation.
Die for nation is for them some kind of proof that their life had a sense.
Everyone who has a different view and choices, like to live for something, not die for something – becomes an enemy.

When I asked them, during negotiation, why they cannot understand that without personal freedom safe borders mean nothing – they told me I’m not Croat enough.
They just cannot understand that some people do not base their life on nationality.
Around us are some things which are above politics. Above nation. But they won’t see them as long as they look just in themselves.

After their long monologue I’ve tried to remind them on actions of Mr Oskar Schindler, who decided to protect people no matter of the fact that he was spying for the Abwehr, the military intelligence service of Nazi Germany, in 1936. (

He stood by Jews and he always found a way to help them. Because he had a will.
He had a will ’cause he didn’t look into flag of any country – he was looking in values.

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While morning is coming

As I’m walking through the Airport I’m trying to slow down to write you one sentence or two while you are asleep.

Maybe it’s not much, but all I can do in this moment is let you know that I would rather be near you to wake you with long kisses and smell of coffee while morning is coming.

Maybe it’s not much but all I can do in this moment is let you know I would rather be near you to leave me breathless with your smile as I’m making breakfast for two while morning is coming.

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I won’t turn my eyes from you

I was trained to face with unexpected, for long time ago.
I’ve learned how to keep calm more than anyone was expected.

I was trained not to delay any task, for long time ago.
I’ve learned how to swim through wild rivers and cold sea.

I’ve learned to take responsibility so you don’t need to be afraid that I will leave you alone on a thin ice.
I won’t turn my eyes from you, I’ll stay calm more than you expected.