One step more

Silence of the mountains  like a summer rain  washed my soul  and I cannot become tired  to keep this train  on the rails.    As stilly depth of the sea  this love opened my heart  and I can’t become tired  even after sleepless night to make one step more.    I won’t freeze,  I won’t… Continue reading One step more

I can promise you

When your days seem  like an endless match of chess  I wish I could take it instead of you,  but life isn’t so simple  so I can’t stop this wind  but after all I can promise you  I’ll never let it pull me down.    Maybe I can’t  bring the Sun to your pillow,  but… Continue reading I can promise you

Prešućene riječi

Prišuljalo se more,  dotaklo je žice  i vratilo sitnice.    Prišuljala se bura,  tukla je u lice  k’o nikada do tad.    Razlili se sati  niz ulice strme.  Iz ruke što od leda trne  izlile se sve prešućene riječi.    Usporila je noć korake svoje, usnuo je Mjesec iznad krovova.  Ubrzao sam korak,  zadnjom snagom … Continue reading Prešućene riječi

Music will be gone

I could lock my heart for any shadow of tenderness as I did, you know, so many times before just to keep illusion of serenity.   And I shall become almost fearless. And I shall become almost like a stone. But the music will be gone.   I could run from you miles away as… Continue reading Music will be gone