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Strength of a soldier

When the wind trembles the sea I’m trying to hide the name of longing not to wake you up I let it flow in the night.

When life dresses spring into fall, when doors are closed for everything that worths falling, I still don’t let it fade away in my heart one thing always wins, love above all.

Falling, I still don’t let it fade away the one thing that in the dark sees the light.

When life dresses summer into winter, when there’s no cover for a wounded heart falling, I still don’t let it fade away.
Not to wake you up I flow into the night weaved in consideration.

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Is it freedom if it costs

Is it freedom if it costs, do I really have to sacrifice all my goals for nights with you?
I’m not counting every canceled flight, but tell me, what for you need me here?

I’m searching for some logic in your words, I’m trying to understand your point of view but, dear, I’m tired ’cause everything I need is just five hours away.

Is it love if it costs, do you really want more than it is possible from this position?
Is it courage if you lost your identity while trying to be a drop in the Dead Sea?
What would have to happen that you see, integrity is key of your dignity.

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Justice is not for sale

Gold becomes chains from steel and you must have strength to reject it.
Higher position almost always means bars on your mouth.

When courage from yesterday isn’t enough for today, you just must find a new strategy to solve old tasks.
Don’t search for an easier way, this storm isn’t here to break you, it can make you stronger than ever.

Don’t let anyone for anything to erase from your mind the fact that justice is not for sale.
Don’t let anyone to steal from you the key which unlocks every door ’cause only the truth will set you free.

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Run slowly

Maybe it’s not a moment to analyze too much, we’ve seen enough, we’ve heard more than we’ve ever wanted.
It’s not a moment to think about the form, all we need to keep is the content.

We’ve found enough, more than we’ve ever searched.
There is no wrong time for the right thing, all we have to do is just run slowly to the nearest exit.

It seems harder than it is, but that’s the case everytime when we stay too long at the wrong place.
It seems impossible to find the safer route, but there is no wrong road.
All that matters is the way we are driving.

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The Cape of Good Hope

From cold North to The Cape of Good Hope I passed so many times without package in my arms ’cause I know that less is more.
Under warm rain of your love we are both above again and again.

You can reach me when no one cannot, refresh me when I’m tired of road.
Your wide view is a treasure, every land on this world is home for us.

Before dawn you don’t waste the time on trivial things, the sound of your voice means you want me to stay.
The way you kiss me when the river flows to the sea is telling me more than thousands of words.
The way you breathe when the rain falls is telling me that we’ve finally found harmony.

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I have missed a flight, things are going wrong in this land.
All I’ve seen behind the scene is just a part of future wars, skills mean nothing if vanity takes over.

How come it is possible that our concerns are alike no matter where we are standing.
Are you looking at Seine with eyes tired, as I’m walking near the Thames?

I guess I’m still learning that there is no difference between lands in moments when politics is a toy in hands of those who are blind for every value.

I have missed again your call, but keep in mind that I cannot forget unforgettable.
It’s not in my nature to ask, even when it’s in front of me the hardest task.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a matter of pride, I just wanna save you from unnecessary risk.
I promise you, I won’t wait too long, I know my boundaries.

After all I’ve seen I know, this road is a way to nowhere.
I can’t go against everything I am so I turn back to you, where I belong.